High Risk Pregnancy – My Perception of Risk and My Choices Explained


This week I attended a conference at City University London called Positive Birth Conference 2016: Informed Choice. You can follow the hashtag #citypbc2016 to find out more about the day.

There were some wonderful speakers including both health care professionals and women. There were various themes around positive birth and informed choice. Themes included choice of place of birth, risk perception in high risk pregnancy, breech birth, medical intervention and the effects on women, midwifery care and whether maternity services enable choice.

I found the discussions really interesting being that I carry the ‘high risk’ label and have made choices that others perhaps wouldn’t make or recommend.

Due to time restricted appointments at hospitals and lack of continuity, it is very hard for health care professionals to fully understand the individual woman behind her choices, or for the women to feel able to fully disclose her thoughts regarding her pregnancy and birth.

I have recorded a short film explaining the choices that I have made in my fourth pregnancy and the reasons behind my choices.

If you are interested in the choices women make in relation to their maternity care and birth then you may like to attend a conference I am organising called Women’s Voices Conference 2016. For more information about the conference and for tickets please click here.

2 thoughts on “High Risk Pregnancy – My Perception of Risk and My Choices Explained

  1. Great post and it’s really interesting to see how many similarities there are when it comes to doctors fear-mongering with women when it comes to childbirth and the concept of high-risk. I am over 40 and slightly overweight and the internet is filled with how many things are wrong with that and how that makes me high risk particularly since I’m pregnant for the first time after four rounds of IVF. But my blood pressure and blood sugar are great and I am very healthy and so fortunately here in the US under my husband’s employer’s insurance plan there is coverage for several different Midwiferies. We are also going to get a doula which has been shown to reduce the chance of C-section by almost half… have you looked into something like that since you can’t afford an independent Midwife where you are? Not sure how common doulas are there…

    Wonderful confident badass post and I’m so glad I ran into your blog. Here’s to a wonderful peaceful and successful home birth!


    1. Thanks for you great response to my post!

      Doulas are a fantastic form of support. I have recently trained as a doula and am extremely lucky to be surrounded by some pretty amazing doulas, midwives and obstetricians. All of them help me to feel positive and hopeful that times are changing in maternity for the better (forever hopeful).

      We just need work on fear based practice and the negative effect it has on women. For now I’m not letting any negativity into my positive mind set.


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