Forever Grateful For Her Support

#MatExp  is something I have been contributing to on social media. It really is encouraging to see so much commitment to improving the maternity experience. I will discuss this in more detail in a later post but first of all I would like to start this positive theme with, G is for Grateful!

Whilst looking through my computer I came across a heartfelt letter that I had written to the Consultant Midwife that looked after me during the latter weeks of my pregnancy. Had I not have met Cathy Walton I believe my story would have been very different. I am 100% sure that I would not have been sitting here writing a blog nor would I have discovered my passion for Birth and the realisation of just how important the whole Maternity experience is for a woman. I  had previously felt so disconnected from the whole experience. When I read the letter I cant help but cry! I truly am so grateful for Cathy’s support.

I have decided to share this letter with you as to highlight how those that care for us women can make or break a women’s experience. There may be times when you may feel up against it and being in the ‘system’ can be tough but please try to remember just how important you are to a women’s experience.

1 February 2014

Dear Cathy,

I would like to thank you for your guidance and support in my quest for my Vba2c. I’m so grateful that at a time where I was 37 weeks pregnant, feeling scared, vulnerable and dis-empowered, you reached out to me. I was at a point where I had lost faith in the medical services. Those responsible for my care were failing me, misinforming me and basically forcing me in to surgery.They had voiced that their concerns were  “would I even be able to labour?”. As a woman, hearing that made me feel broken and my desire to experience the magical gift of childbirth was diminishing.You came along and not only was your offer of support a lifeline to me, but I felt you believed in me and my ability to give birth. Never once did you show doubt or concern over my desire to do this.For that I was always be grateful!

From the moment I was in contact with you I began to feel strong and empowered again. My quest for a Vba2c was back in reach.

Having not experienced labour before and all the signs and symptoms that my body was showing, sometimes made me feel a bit ‘wobbly’. You were always at the end of the phone to give me reassurance.Giving birth was the most amazing experience. No amount of money or any other experience can truly compare. It was painful, but so worth it! After all Mother Nature carefully designed my body to be able to do it. The whole experience has made me feel whole and very strong as a woman. It has been a life changing.I can’t believe this very personal right was nearly taken away from me for the benefit of others.When I rejoice and reminisce on my beautiful ” I did it” moment, you face will always be part of this memory, as you enabled it to happen. Without you I wonder if it ever would?……….

From the bottom of my heart thank you for being there, and for all your knowledge, guidance and support.

Kind regards

Michelle Quashie

Cathy’s modest response is “It is a total pleasure to see the effect it has had on you and confirms my long-held belief in the importance of supporting women’s choice”

Once again Cathy, thank you for maintaining your long-held belief, it made my experience!

4 thoughts on “Forever Grateful For Her Support

    1. Thankyou. I did have my wobbles, sometimes I may have appeared strong but on the inside I was scared.However when I was in labour I never had one fearful thought? It was amazing how strong I felt. It still amazes me now.
      It’s lovely to be in touch. X


    1. Thankyou for your kind words. Having that support was invaluable. I was feeling very low and scared before I was in contact with Cathy.Her support helped to build me up and find my strength again.


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